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region Flagship Store Phone Address
Bengbu Bengbu Hongye Road Chain Store 0552-3110773 1st Floor, Building 8#, Longyuan New Village, Hongye Road, Bengbu City
Bengbu Zhanggongshan Chain Store 0552-4073588 No. 556, Wuwan Road, Zhanggongshan, Bengbu City
Bengbu Huaihe Road Chain Store 0552-2078661 1163 Huaihe Road, Bengbu
Bengbu Zhongrong Street Chain Store 0552-2043150 The second room on the south side of the first floor, No. 92, Zhongrong Street, Bengbu City
Bengbu Fengyang East Road Chain Store 0552-3028768 First floor facade, No. 460, Fengyang East Road, Bengbu City
Bengbu Blue Sky City Chain Store 0552-3715369 Bengbu Lantian City Building 1 West Commercial Building 01
Huaiyuan Huaiyuan Liuhuayuan Chain Store 0552-8027001 Building 3, Xiaoximen Liuhuayuan Community, Huaiyuan
Huaiyuan Yuwang Road Chain Store 0552-8322008 No. 114, Shanxi Bus Station, Xiguan, Huaiyuan County
Five Rivers Wuhe Central Plaza Chain Store 0552-5029508 Beside the Wuhe hypermarket of Huayun Supermarket in Bengbu
Suzhou Suzhou Labor Building Store 0557-3722271 No. 283, Shengli Road, Suzhou City
Huainan Huainan Caishou Road Chain Store 0554-5678063 107, Long-distance Station Complex Building, Fangcaoyuan Community, Pingshan Street, Xiejiaji District, Huainan City
Wuhu Wuhu Center Store 0553-5016281 41 Zheshan West Road, Wuhu City
Wuwei People's Square Chain Store 0553-6337681 Wuwei County Wucheng Wanxia Plaza Section West 101-1 Facade
Ma On Shan Maanshan Jiashan Store 0555-2345529 No. 299, Jiashan Road, Huashan District, Ma'anshan City
Tongling Tongling Changjiang Chain Store 0562-2833307 No.64 Changjiang Middle Road, Tongling City
Anqing Anqing Longshan Road Chain Store 0556-5540427 No. 137 Longshan Road, Anqing City
Huaibei Huaibei Lieshan Chain Store 0561-4080758 Building A14-64, Lieshan Town, Lieshan District, Huaibei City
Hefei Hefei Binhu New District Chain Store 0551-62990211 Upper Room 101/101, Building 25, Huijie Garden, Binhu Century City
Chaohu Dongtang Road Chain Store 0551-82357011 Shop 125, 126, S6, Huishangyu Garden, north of Jiankang Middle Road, east of Xiangyang Road, Chaohu City
Lujiang Yuecheng Road Chain Store 0551-87330532 Intersection of Chengbei Yuecheng Road and Second Ring Road, Chengguan Town, Lujiang County
Xuancheng Xuancheng Guoxin Chain Store 0563-2830695 No. 1-1, 68#1-1, Guoxin Century New City, south of Aofeng East Road, Xuancheng City
Bright Light Mingguang Chihe Avenue Chain Store 0550-8025120 First Floor, No. 80, Chihe Avenue, Mingguang City

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