Corporate culture is a basic summary of factors recognized by employees in production and operation activities and daily management with their own unique value orientation, behavior mode, enterprise spirit, ethics, business philosophy and other factors, which are reflected in the following aspects:

Enterprise mission: cherish life, care for health, do medicine, for the people

Corporate vision: to be a leader in the pharmaceutical industry, to maximize the value of customers, employees and shareholders

Core management philosophy:

Three public: open, fair, fair

Four stricts: strict management, strict but feeling, strict but trustworthy, strict but fair

Four: to lead by example, by virtue, by reason, by technology to convince people

Management methods:

Reward and education are the main, criticism and punishment are the secondary. Those who intentionally violate the law or fail to reform with repeated education shall be given heavier punishment.

Employee job requirements: proactive and responsible

Code of conduct: law-abiding, modest and studious, industrious and thrifty, devoted to work

Safety concept: think, do is safe

Quality policy: quality is the life of an enterprise

Life values: hard work, extraordinary creation, the pursuit of excellence, selfless dedication

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