Marketing network


Service concept

Adhere to the "customer-centric, service-oriented development" marketing philosophy, the implementation of a full range of market cultivation and development strategies, the establishment of generic medicine, OTC, clinical and other professional sales teams to set up offices in the provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, the formation of three-dimensional, radiation nationwide pharmaceutical marketing network. At the same time, actively develop foreign markets, business has been expanded to Africa, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Europe and other countries and regions.

50 +

It ranks among the top 50 pharmaceutical retail enterprises in China

400 +

It has more than 400 chain pharmacies

Drug logistics and retail business system

BBCA not only has a nationwide drug distribution network, but also has good drug logistics and retail business system. Bbca Pharmaceutical Marketing company in Hefei, Tongling, Ma 'anshan, Bengbu, Suzhou and other places with a number of branches, business network covers various cities and counties in Anhui Province; "Fengyuan Pharmacy" is a large pharmaceutical retail enterprise in Anhui Province, with more than 300 chain pharmacies, ranking among the top 50 pharmaceutical retail enterprises in China for many consecutive years.

Cherish life, care for health; Do medicine, for the people

The people of Fengyuan Pharmaceutical take "cherish life, take care of health; Good medicine, for the people "as the sacred mission of the enterprise," integrity, win-win "as the business philosophy, adhering to the principle of quality is life, to benefit the people. Adhere to market-oriented, benefit as the center, constantly increase scientific and technological innovation, improve the level of enterprise management, reduce costs, improve benefits, and strive to realize the value of customers, employees and shareholders.

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