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Subsidiary Company:
BBCA Marketing Co.,Ltd
New Medicine Marketing Co.,Ltd
Anhui BBCA Pharmaceutical WuWei Factory
Anhui BBCA Huaihai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
Bengbu BBCA Tushan pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
Ma’anshan BBCA Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
Anhui BBCA Likang Phamarceutical Co., Ltd.
Anhui BBCA Tongling traditional Chinese medicine decocting pieces Co., Ltd.
Hefei BBCA Medicine Development Co.,Ltd
Anhui BBCA Pharmaceutical Import and Export Co., Ltd.
Anhui BBCA Big Pharmacy ( Chain ) Co., Ltd.
Anhui BBCA Zhongren Pharmaceutical Co., LTD.
Anhui BBCA Medicine Scientific Development Co.,Ltd
Anhui BBCA Pharmaceutical Marketing Co.,Ltd