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Corporate culture is Fengyuan Pharmaceutical in production and business activities and daily management, forming the basic outlines were approved by the majority of employees with its own special value orientation, behavior, entrepreneurship, ethics, philosophy and other factors, embodied in the following aspects:
A corporate mission: to cherish life, health care, good medicine, for the people
2, the corporate vision: to be a leader in the pharmaceutical industry to achieve our customers, employees, maximizing shareholder value
3, the core management philosophy:
                Excellencies: open, just and fair
                Four strict: strict management and strict but affectionate, Yan and faith, strict and fair
                Four to: lead by example, people with morals, reasoning, technology Furen
                Six say: harmony, teamwork, integrity, play, professional, innovative
4, management methods: Awards and education, supplemented by criticism and punishment. Willful violations and incorrigible, aggravating.
5, staff requirements: active, the courage to play
6, Code of Conduct: law-abiding, modest, studious, thrift, dedication
7, the safety concept: think, do it safe
8 Quality: Quality is the life
9, Life values: hard work, extraordinary creativity, the pursuit of excellence, selfless dedication